Shamrock or clover? Check what you really know about St. Patrick’s Day symbol

Meet my great helpers: Mr Hunk and Ms Richman. They are a pair of very diligent detectives who thoroughly investigate English culture cases. They are also brand heroes of my language school Hunk & Richman English, the one and only place on the map of Poland 🙂
Today they look into the case of the symbol of St. Patrick’s Day – the shamrock:

– Richie! Richie! Look! Look what I have! A four-leaf clover, I’ve just come across it in front of the house! Isn’t it wonderful. So much luck on St. Patrick’s Day.
– Hmm, I’m not sure about that, Hunkie…
– What?… Why?… How?… What seems to be the problem?
– The number of leaves of course! Don’t you know?
– Know what?
– Don’t you know that St. Patrick used this young spring of white clover to explain the mystery of the Holy Trinity? Its three leaves seemed perfect to show what he wanted to put across. The Irish would be really annoyed to hear you call this four-leaf clover a shamrock…
– Uhm… I didn’t realise…
– What is more, the word shamrock comes from the Irish “Seamrog” and means “young clover”. Look, I have one here. Found it yesterday and brought to keep for the celebration.
– Are we going to celebrate?
– Certainly we are! Look into the fridge.
– Yippieee! Corned beef and cabbage with Guiness and green shamrock fudge for the dessert. Great!
– Shall we start our celebration? Are you going to the parade with me? 
– Wait a moment! You still haven’t explained the difference…. What about the four-leaf clover? I’ve seen as many shamrocks as clovers in the pictures connected with St. Patrick’s Day.
– That is possible. First of all, many people are not aware of the difference. Secondly, four-leaf clovers were also used by St. Patrick. They symbolised God’s Grace, their four leaves stood for faith, hope, love and luck – because they are so difficult to find. What is more, Eve is said to have carried it out of the Garden of Eden.
– Right! I guess it’s time to leave for the parade. Do you think I should change?
– You’re not going to go in that black sweater, I hope… Do you want to risk being pinched by a leprechaun? Today everybody wears green to hide from the leprechauns. Some poeple believe the green colour is so important because Ireland is called Emerald Isle.
– All right! All right! I’ll be back in two minutes… Ahh! Have you seen my green hat anywhere? Couldn’t find it yesterday.
– Sorry, I haven’t. Look in the overhead cupboard. You haven’t used it since last year.
– Last year… Don’t you think St. Paddy’s Day in Chicago was an exciting adventure? Never before had I seen so much green water. Can you imagine how much green dye they had to put in the Chicago River?
– I can. In fact, I have read that it takes 40 lbs of green dye every year.
– Wow. That’s amazing! I hope it will be equally great here today.
– So, let’s go or we will only have a chance to see the parade on TV.

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