12 things you (probably) don’t know about me

Hi, my name is Daria Bogacz and I am an English teacher and a teacher trainer. I have loved taking care of children and helping them understand the surrounding world since I remember.  My teaching mission is to help the youngest learners of English experience exciting adventures while learning and inspire their teachers to develop creativity, thinking and independence in their young pupils.

What are the other 12 things about me?

#1 A great number of my family members were or have been teachers. I received teaching in genes. Having grown up in such an honourable company and soaking in teaching for years must have resulted in one profession only.

#2 My first pupils were dolls and teddy bears. At the age of 6 I used to put them in line on my bed and would teach them using a toy blackboard.

#3 My little learners once gave me a nickname „Aunt England”

#4 When I first taught 3-year-olds I was more scared and stressed out than them.

#5 I believe all children are creative, and their creativity grows when taken care of.

#6 I don’t use and don’t accept the expression “It is impossible”. In my opinion, when something seems impossible, it is enough to look at the challenge from a different angle and creatively seek new solutions. We are able to succeed once we believe in the success.

#7 When I was in the primary school I wrote three short stories based on real events. I’ve always loved reading and writing. Stories are a very important part of my teaching. I love them, my pupils love them and we have a lot of fun doing activities linked to the stories we read together.

#8 My favourite story of all times is “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Its main character, Anne Shirley-Blythe was a wonderful, loving and loved English teacher whose attitude I follow.

#9 I can play the guitar, the piano and the cello. My greatest musical experience was playing several concerts in a symphonic orchestra, which had been one of my biggest dreams. Music is an international language and musical abilities help in learning languages.

#10 I love dogs but have never had one. Surviving the farewell with the best of friends would be too painful.

#11 I love swimming, skiing and cycling, but the sport I do most frequently is Nordic walking. 😊

#12 I love ice-cream, but only that made in the traditional way, with real cream, real eggs and real flavours and leaving a thin greasy layer on the palate.

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